The homepage of James Smith


Hello!  Welcome to my new web site.  It's still under construction so please bear with me, but there are a few things here that you might like to have a look at...

Our blog for our year living in Hyderabad, India is now up and running.  Click here or on the 'Blog' button at the top of the page to have a look (note that this is a private part of the web site for our friends and family only - you will need to register first).

I will also be posting some of the results and publications from my PhD thesis entitled "Convective heat transfer from the external surfaces of buildings in urban areas" which I recently completed at BRE and the University of Bath in the UK.  This details some major developments of the naphthalene sublimation experimental technique for measuring convective heat transfer.  You can have a look at this part of my web site by clicking on the "PhD" button at the top of the page, or by clicking here.

Update: The full text of my PhD thesis can now be downloaded here.

If you fancy a real laugh, then why not check out my recent appearance on the BBC "One Show"? This was a special feature with Carol Kirkwood looking at tornadoes in the UK and was partly filmed in the BRE wind tunnel. You can find the video and some still photographs here.


Dr James Smith
Hyderabad, India (2010).